A foreword for the year to come

After the 2015 General Election I realised for all my moaning about the government, I was never able to produce objective arguments against what I perceived to be wrong with their actions. I also realised criticism alone doesn’t change things, nor do idyllic ideas about how society should be, they have to be joined by pragmatic solutions fostered from evidence and debate to change things for the better. In aid of this I spent a lot of time trying to learn more about politics, and eventually I stumbled into economics.

To some degree, learning about economics led me to believe money is the root of all evil, in the sense that being born into a life of poverty can lead to exclusion from society and can force people to do things they might otherwise not have done, had they had the opportunities we take for granted. I strongly believe in the government’s role in ameliorating these conditions, but it is often held back by a desire to cling to the sometimes false safety of unreasonable orthodoxy, often maintained by misinformation. So as my little effort to push against unreasonable orthodoxy, I began this blog, to share what I learn, in the hope that someone else will gain something from it, and be able to scrutinise the actions and words of those who lead us, regardless of the colour of their tie.


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